Roof Repair Contractors Jacksonville

Daniel Boland | 01/24/15

Be sure you ask for identification when a roofer shows up at your door.

Andrew Blair | 01/24/15

We use only the finest roofing products from companies like GAF and Tamko.

Chance Mclendon | 01/22/15

Grades schools and high schools need to make sure their roofs are safe for students and teachers.

Dianne Martin | 01/21/15

Regular roofing maintenance is important for commercial buildings as well as residential buildings.

Amanda Jacque | 01/19/15

Get a written roofing estimate of all the roofing work to be done.

Dallas Menz | 01/19/15

Be sure to get references from your roofing contractor before signing any contracts.

Eugene Harpe | 01/19/15

Beware of con artists who pose as roofers and scam you out of your money.

Amanda Schaefer | 01/17/15

If you just bought a new house and the roof is bad, we can help. The cheapest estimate you get is not always the best one to go with.

Ashley Burris | 01/16/15

When you have a leaky roof, don't get a bucket, make a phone call.

Angela Eastman | 01/15/15

You can only put so many roofs on top of one another before they all need to be taken off and replaced.

Anabel Soto | 01/14/15

Big storms can cause problems if you have loose shingles on your roof.

Angela Hamilton | 01/14/15

If you have a tile roof, be sure to inspect it every so often to be sure it's intact.

Debbie Reinhart | 01/12/15

Be sure to choose a roofing contractor with the best reputation for top quality work.

Cheryl Blaise | 01/12/15

Be sure to ask how long it will take to replace your roof.

Daniel Wagner | 01/10/15

Before you buy a house, have a roofing contractor look at the roof.

Ashley Farris | 01/09/15

Hotels and motels call us to replace old roofing.

Brenda Morrow | 01/07/15

Inspecting your roof on a regular basis will make sure you don't have any major problems starting.

Amanda Weddell | 01/05/15

While you're having your roofing done, check into a skylight.

Ashley Fortin | 01/03/15

Any roofing company that charges for estimates is a company you should stay away from.

Andrea Degirolamo | 01/03/15

You can't take chances of your roof collapsing, so call us as soon as you see there is a problem.

Brenda Langdon | 01/03/15

Don't let water leak into your restaurant because you have a bad roof.

Barbie Nichols | 01/02/15

If you neglect your roof, you will end up with big problems.

Brenda Murla | 12/31/14

The best roofing contractor in town is the one who will check out your current roofing shingles and let you know what needs to be done.

Edward Passarella | 12/30/14

Be sure to call your insurance company if strong winds blow shingles off your roof.

Cheryl Zipp | 12/30/14

If you have snow sitting on your roof, it may seep through old shingles and cause bigger problems.

Alisha Mowbray | 12/29/14

We guarantee all our roofing fixes so you don't need to worry.

Angela Cremeans | 12/29/14

Be sure to get more than one estimate before deciding what type of roof you want installed. If your roof shingles are in bad shape, don't wait too long to call a roofing expert.

Denise Landwehr | 12/28/14

Be sure there are no gaps around your chimney or you may end up with water leaking through your ceiling. If the mortar is coming off your chimney, it may cause a hole in your roof.

Franco Family | 12/26/14

When you want a permanent roofing solution, call a professional roofer.

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