Roof Repair Contractors Jacksonville

Denise Thomas | 09/20/14

Our roofing staff will be on time and do a good job for you. Be sure to choose a roofing contractor with the best reputation for top quality work.

Carole Beck | 09/20/14

Be sure to get more than one estimate before deciding what type of roof you want installed.

Brenda Poole | 09/20/14

Be sure there are no gaps around your chimney or you may end up with water leaking through your ceiling.

Amanda Brown | 09/20/14

Before you buy a house, have a roofing contractor look at the roof.

Angela Brown | 09/18/14

Hurricane force winds can ruin a roof, even it was newly installed.

George Geary | 09/18/14

Regular roofing maintenance is important for commercial buildings as well as residential buildings.

Dennis Bornhoft | 09/18/14

Big storms can cause problems if you have loose shingles on your roof.

Connie Jenkins | 09/18/14

The best roofing contractor in town is the one who will check out your current roofing shingles and let you know what needs to be done.

Amanda Woodrum | 09/16/14

Don't fall for the buy now or the price goes up scam that some roofers try to give you.

Esther Hemsworth | 09/16/14

Be sure you ask for identification when a roofer shows up at your door. If you have a tile roof, be sure to inspect it every so often to be sure it's intact.

Adolfo Blanco | 09/14/14

Be sure to get all roofing estimates in writing.

Brenda Gaither | 09/13/14

If your shingles are torn or damaged in any way, they can snap in the cold and cause holes in the roof.

Carter Speer | 09/12/14

Restaurants and bars need to keep a close eye on their roofs.

Carmen Beasley | 09/10/14

A regular asphalt single roof is best if you plan on selling your house soon.

Andrew Foor | 09/08/14

Some roofs are made of metal shingles or clay shingles.

Eldred Traxson | 09/06/14

Beware of con artists who pose as roofers and scam you out of your money.

Brenda Langdon | 09/04/14

Get a written roofing estimate of all the roofing work to be done.

Amalia Bullard | 09/03/14

Inspecting your roof on a regular basis will make sure you don't have any major problems starting.

Carlos Orozco | 09/01/14

If you neglect your roof, you will end up with big problems.

Bunzel Family | 08/31/14

When you have a roofing emergency, we can come out 24 hours a day for you.

Elaine Quintana | 08/30/14

Tornados can cause roofing tiles to separate and fall off.

Amanda Coe | 08/30/14

You may be able to do some temporary patching on your roof, but leave the rest to professionals.

Andrew Salvatore | 08/28/14

Be sure to take photos of your damaged roof to give to your insurance company.

Anissa Brigham | 08/26/14

If you need an emergency roof repair, call on us. Be sure to ask how long it will take to replace your roof.

Brenda Bell | 08/26/14

Commercial repairs on roofs can be costly if you don't take immediate action.

Edward Sulzberger | 08/25/14

You can't take chances of your roof collapsing, so call us as soon as you see there is a problem.

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