Roof Repair Contractors Jacksonville

Brenda Kisner | 03/30/15

Big storms can cause problems if you have loose shingles on your roof.

Brenda Johnson | 03/28/15

Inspecting your roof on a regular basis will make sure you don't have any major problems starting.

Carmen Bisignano | 03/26/15

You can try to use emergency waterproof sealants or even duct tape to keep shingles on your roof.

Ashley Redmond | 03/25/15

If you have a leaky roof, it's better not to try to fix them yourself.

Easton Family | 03/25/15

Leaky roofs can cause all kinds of problems with your plaster in the ceiling.

Dianna Schnell | 03/25/15

Make sure your roofing contractor provides a written estimate of all the work that needs to be done. You might want to call the better business bureau to check out your roofing contractor.

Bonnie Monhart | 03/24/15

Hurricane force winds can ruin a roof, even it was newly installed.

Brenda Clark | 03/24/15

Be sure to get all roofing estimates in writing.

Andrea Balsimo | 03/22/15

Your roofing contractor should have a portfolio of completed jobs to show you.

Andrea Baillie | 03/21/15

When you have a leaky roof, don't get a bucket, make a phone call.

George Algren | 03/19/15

Tornados can cause roofing tiles to separate and fall off.

Donald Janovsky | 03/18/15

Be sure to get more than one estimate before deciding what type of roof you want installed.

Andrea Degirolamo | 03/16/15

Roofs sustain damage when you have high winds and rain.

Dianne Lane | 03/14/15

If you neglect your roof, you will end up with big problems.

Dwight Moore | 03/13/15

When you need roofing repair services, we are the company to call.

Amanda Dyer | 03/11/15

Never pay in advance for any roofing job because you haven't seen the quality of the work.

Bailey Haidamous | 03/11/15

Be sure to choose a roofing contractor with the best reputation for top quality work. If you are planning on living in your home for a long time, be sure you get a top quality roof put on it.

Bonnie Harris | 03/11/15

When you want a permanent roofing solution, call a professional roofer.

Alisha Gunn | 03/09/15

Be sure the roofer you choose has a warranty on the workmanship of the roof.

Geolyn Mcdonald | 03/08/15

Regular roofing maintenance is important for commercial buildings as well as residential buildings.

Bobbie Steninger | 03/08/15

You can only put so many roofs on top of one another before they all need to be taken off and replaced.

Cristi Gomez | 03/07/15

If you are on the committee at your church, be sure someone inspects the roof on a regular basis.

Andrea Bird | 03/07/15

You can add a lot of diffused light in a room with a sunroof.

Dianna Zerkas | 03/06/15

Make sure the roofer you choose can take care of all your roofing needs, not just replacing shingles.

Dennis Zurcher | 03/04/15

The cheapest estimate you get is not always the best one to go with.

Connie Obarowski | 03/02/15

You should have a roofing expert inspect your roof every few years.

Carole Christe | 03/02/15

Detailed estimates for roofing repairs should include all the materials that are necessary.

Eileen Gorman | 03/02/15

Be sure your roofer seals your skylight properly to avoid leaking.

Austin Landers | 02/28/15

If you have a tile roof, be sure to inspect it every so often to be sure it's intact.

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