Roof Repair Contractors Jacksonville

Angela Lee | 07/24/14

Make sure the roofer you choose can take care of all your roofing needs, not just replacing shingles.

Andrea Marriott | 07/23/14

Make smart choices when you hire a licensed contractor to do your roofing repairs.

Arthur Scoates | 07/22/14

If the mortar is coming off your chimney, it may cause a hole in your roof.

Alyssa Martindill | 07/20/14

Be sure your licensed roofer includes a specific description of all the work that needs to be done.

Cassie Durham | 07/19/14

When you need roofing repair services, we are the company to call.

Debrah Sims | 07/18/14

Be sure your roofer seals your skylight properly to avoid leaking.

Andrea Reynolds | 07/16/14

Hurricane force winds can ruin a roof, even it was newly installed.

Alvina Shearer | 07/14/14

Restaurants and bars need to keep a close eye on their roofs.

Elaine Klassen | 07/14/14

If your roof shingles are in bad shape, don't wait too long to call a roofing expert.

Alissa Murphy | 07/14/14

If you neglect your roof, you will end up with big problems. Commercial repairs on roofs can be costly if you don't take immediate action.

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Fredna Hamel | 07/12/14

Detailed estimates for roofing repairs should include all the materials that are necessary.

Barkev Bekmezdjian | 07/12/14

Be sure to ask how long it will take to replace your roof.

Dustin Cumming | 07/11/14

Be sure to choose a roofing contractor with the best reputation for top quality work.

Eileen Wallace | 07/11/14

You may want to have more than one roofing contractor give you estimates on fixing or replacing your roof.

Cassie Fremer | 07/10/14

Big storms can cause problems if you have loose shingles on your roof.

Cathie Smith | 07/08/14

If you are planning on living in your home for a long time, be sure you get a top quality roof put on it.

Angela Whiting | 07/07/14

Be sure to get more than one estimate before deciding what type of roof you want installed.

Angela Hoermann | 07/07/14

You may be able to do some temporary patching on your roof, but leave the rest to professionals.

Carmen Bisignano | 07/07/14

Before you buy a house, have a roofing contractor look at the roof.

Cheryl Cassano | 07/05/14

If your shingles are torn or damaged in any way, they can snap in the cold and cause holes in the roof. You can only put so many roofs on top of one another before they all need to be taken off and replaced.

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Cheryl Morgan | 07/05/14

Make sure the roofing company you use has its own employees.

Brooke Diamond | 07/03/14

Make sure your roofing contractor provides a written estimate of all the work that needs to be done.

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