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Ashley Moser | 07/29/14

If you have snow sitting on your roof, it may seep through old shingles and cause bigger problems. If you have a tile roof, be sure to inspect it every so often to be sure it's intact.

Alison Kuenlen | 07/28/14

You may be able to do some temporary patching on your roof, but leave the rest to professionals.

Amanda Woodrum | 07/26/14

Big storms can cause problems if you have loose shingles on your roof.

Ashley Aust | 07/24/14

You should have a roofing expert inspect your roof every few years.

Corwin Mudge | 07/23/14

You can add a lot of diffused light in a room with a sunroof. Make sure your roofing contractor provides a written estimate of all the work that needs to be done.

Brandi Watson | 07/21/14

We guarantee all our roofing fixes so you don't need to worry.

Amanda Colebank | 07/20/14

We have a team of highly trained professional roofing experts who can fix your garage roof as well as your home roof. Hurricane force winds can ruin a roof, even it was newly installed.

Denise Watkins | 07/20/14

You can't take chances of your roof collapsing, so call us as soon as you see there is a problem.

Amanda Gibbs | 07/20/14

Tornados can cause roofing tiles to separate and fall off. A regular asphalt single roof is best if you plan on selling your house soon.

Claire Hattendorf | 07/18/14

You will find roofs made out of steel, copper, aluminum and regular asphalt shingles. If you have a leaky roof, it's better not to try to fix them yourself.

Cheryl Mintzer | 07/16/14

Be sure the roofer you choose has a warranty on the workmanship of the roof.

Brandy Kuykendall | 07/15/14

We are a family owned business with experience in residential and commercial roofing.

Alexia Smith | 07/15/14

You might want to call the better business bureau to check out your roofing contractor.

Audrey Schoninger | 07/15/14

If you just bought a new house and the roof is bad, we can help.

Carrie Hansen | 07/15/14

If your roof shingles are in bad shape, don't wait too long to call a roofing expert.

Alicia Rhodes | 07/15/14

Be sure to call your insurance company if strong winds blow shingles off your roof.

Carmen Hall | 07/14/14

Your roofing contractor should have a portfolio of completed jobs to show you. You can try to use emergency waterproof sealants or even duct tape to keep shingles on your roof.

Aisnet Aranguren | 07/14/14

Before you buy a house, have a roofing contractor look at the roof. The best roofing contractor in town is the one who will check out your current roofing shingles and let you know what needs to be done.

Connie Wallace | 07/13/14

Tornados can do thousands of dollars in damage to your roof if it's not in good shape.

Gareth Moore | 07/13/14

When you want a permanent roofing solution, call a professional roofer.

Dennis Phillips | 07/12/14

Don't let water leak into your restaurant because you have a bad roof.

Edward Harriman | 07/12/14

Make sure the roofer you choose can take care of all your roofing needs, not just replacing shingles.

Beckie Gallagher | 07/11/14

Leaky roofs can cause all kinds of problems with your plaster in the ceiling.

Amanda English | 07/11/14

Make sure the roofing company you use has its own employees. Be sure to get more than one estimate before deciding what type of roof you want installed.

Alison Gatling | 07/11/14

General contractors may also be roofing contractors who can fix your roof.

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